How can storytelling benefit your organization?

Just image authentic first-person and collaborative creation and sharing of stories infused within your culture and imagine nearly endless use cases. Imagine and pre-build or enable employees to create their own story arc’s in serial templates. Create templates in the context of overall business objectives, operational execution and the individual and collective interests of your employees and other stakeholders.  

Inclusion and Diversity

  • Empower employees to share their experiences
  • Engage new employees during onboarding 
  • Employees virtually enjoying and learning from peers 
  • Empower your strongest internal advocates and encourage others
  • Capture and celebrate all kinds of diversity
  • Present employees contributing to important community support 

Sales and Marketing

  • Engage customers to create and then share testimonials
  • Customers seeing their products being made and interacting with plant personnel
  • Capture the serial development of new products and services
  • A cross functional, global launch presentation captured in a real time story

Strategic and Operations

  • As an alternative to conventional surveys, gain insight into and across different departments
  • Employees in dispersed locations describing their view of company values and mission

Work-Related Collaboration

  • Encourage and reward progress through company-wide visibility 
  • Use a narratives to replace traditional memos and recap documents
  • Break free from information silos by allowing individuals and departments to share work approaches and outcomes
  • From tips to training, share important information throughout the company


  • Capture advanced workers experiences to inform newer employees
  • Use templates to capture interviews with existing employees as a way to transfer knowledge or highlight achievement
  • Learn from tenured employees through interviews and video
  • Collect information from multiple colleagues to give more comprehensive presentations