The world needs a way to tell stories, together.

People have been sharing stories since the dawn of time. Stories inform, bring joy and sadness, educate, connect, persuade and inspire us as humans. The digital age has provided a universally available platform for people to share their stories. But the stories are silos of experience and lack the collective perspective that gives richness to a narrative.

Enter: JourneyTellr, founded by three people who believe the world needs a way to co-create and share stories. Collaboration and feeling heard promotes belonging, which we see as a critical, basic human need. What has evolved through research, interactions with companies, and our own iterative process is a mobile application that provides anyone, anywhere with the ability to co-create and share their experiences in a purposeful yet fun way. We call our approach to storytelling “storybuildingSM.”

Our initial focus is first bringing the JourneyTellr platform to enterprises and giving voice to their employees’ workplace experiences. Storytelling is beginning to be adopted in the workplace, but often misses the “human” mark. We all spend the better part of our lives in some form of work endeavor, yet there exists no dedicated storytelling platform for employees to share their experiences. We believe storytelling can improve workplace culture, give employees a greater sense of belonging and purpose, improve their performance and provide valuable information for leaders and others to consume and learn from, ultimately driving a more effective, satisfying and prosperous organization.

The workplace where we spend so much of our lives has to be made more conducive to human nature and JourneyTellr can help that happen. ~Kevin Erdman, Founder & CEO

Our Team

The JourneyTellr team has dedicated their time and talents to fulfilling our vision and achieving the goals of this venture. Everyone from our employees to our advisors are driven, diversely skilled, bring his or her own unique set of experiences that helps inform, focus and propel our vision. With a vision as big as ours, we need great people to achieve it!

Kevin Erdman


Co-Founder & CEO


I believe that JourneyTellr can significantly add to the evolution of how people need to communicate within the workplace and in a way that is part of every human, that is storytelling. I am thrilled to be part of a really talented team of people working to make JourneyTellr, our customers and their stakeholders far better off for the experience of enabling employees and other stakeholders to share their stories.

Michael Jerstad


Co-Founder & Chairman


Aside from my activities at JourneyTellr, I run a private equity firm, PrairieGold Venture Partners, out of Sioux Falls, SD – the Sand Hill Road of the Midwest. When I’m not managing my portfolio, I’m usually busy driving four young children to their various activities in a steel gray Honda Odyssey minivan (often at well above the posted speed limit.)​

Our Advisors

Robert Anderson
Retired VP R&D, 3M

Dan Bryant
Co-founder, JourneyTellr
Founder, Managing Partner, Legal Business Advisors, LLC


Paul Hillen
President, Chief Marketing Officer, Author, Professional Speaker, Board Member


Dennis McFadden

Doug Ramler
Partner, Saul, Ewing, Arnstein & Lehr

Daren Klum
Founder & CEO, Secured2 Corporation

Justine Juncker, MHR
SVP, People Operations at Total Expert

Eric McDonald
CEO & Chairman of the Board at CoinLion

Kristin Roepke
Organization Effectiveness Consultant, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Instructor, University of MN

Doug Spong
CEO, The Doug Spong Company, LLC

Graeme Thickins
Founder & President, GT&A Strategic Marketing Inc.