Create aculture of belongingat your company.

Create aculture of belongingat your company.

When employee engagement is low, company culture suffers, creating negative consequences from distrust to turnover. Finding and fixing employee engagement can be difficult because the existing landscape of business tools to address culture don’t capture authentic experience. The JourneyTellr platform provides a space for your employees to capture and share meaningful workplace experiences in a collaborative format which provides valuable insights about your company.

Whether used to improve productivity, recognize achievement, or simply learn more about your workforce, the stories told in JourneyTellr help create a culture of belonging at your company.

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What is JourneyTellr?

JourneyTellr is a mobile application designed for businesses to harness the power of storytelling to improve culture through engagement and support both strategic and operational initiatives. Through JourneyTellr, employees discover new ways to engage, collaborate and communicate with peers and leaders. Different from social apps, JourneyTellr’s focus on collaboration and sharing is founded on generating content that is not individualistic or ephemeral.

JourneyTellr’s fun, familiar interface enables employees to co-create and share compelling, authentic content in structured story arc’s that capture everyday work experiences. The collaboration, teamwork, sharing and learning done in JourneyTellr can help companies increase engagement, boost productivity, and create a culture of belonging.

But Why JourneyTellr?

Better culture throughcollaborative storytelling.

Humans are hard-wired to tell stories. So unless you’re hiring robots, your employees all have stories to share with you and with the rest of the company. JourneyTellr makes it easy to capture the workplace experience in a story format you’re used to from other social platforms, but in a collaborative way that captures a more complete and authentic story. Through collaboration, sharing, teamwork and learning, JourneyTellr helps every employee to feel like they belong in your company’s story.

Engage your team with the platform that builds culture through collaboration, sharing, teamwork and learning.

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Your employees are talking.Do they feel heard?

We’ve all had a job where we feel undervalued, unheard, or simply as though we don’t belong. And there’s nothing worse for a leader than feeling out of touch with and disconnected from the company your leading.