Top Five Digital Transformation Predictions For 2020

As we enter the new decade, what’s on the horizon for digital transformation in 2020?

In my view, it will be the year of focusing on the true return on investment from these initiatives and going from pilots or point solutions to enterprisewide scalability. This is also the year when there will be a true merging of empowered people, reinvented processes and technology acceleration to drive business model change and launch new products and services.

Employees enabled with digital training and tools will move closer to the center of digital transformations across all industries. Their ideas will spur innovations, and their energy will fuel growth. When this is combined, it will unleash massive potential and drive true value.

So what does that mean for 2020? Here are my top five predictions for digital transformation this year:

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Author: Nadir Hirji
Published: January 27, 2020, on