MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, February 18, 2020 — JourneyTellr, an up-and-coming company with influence in the corporate storytelling space, is pleased to  welcome Daren Klum, Founder and CEO of Secured2, to their Advisory Board.

Daren Klum is a globally recognized technology executive, cyber security visionary, hardware & software engineer and inventor. His innovations include the world’s first quantum safe encryption system, the world’s first commercially available submersion cooling system for PC’s, Servers, Laptops and holds the first patent for distributed, peer to peer storage & key management that is the under pinning of blockchain. Currently, Daren is the CEO of Secured2 Corporation a Microsoft, Google, AWS, Foxconn Partner Company that has developed an exciting new ‘beyond encryption & quantum safe’ form of data security. This exciting technology is being deployed through the largest cloud platforms in the world and is also at the heart of a new competitor to Blockchain set to arrive in 2021.

Prior to Secured2 Daren Klum was co-founder of venture backed LiquidCool Solutions the world leader in cooling solutions for today’s high-performance computing and mega-scale datacenters. At LiquidCool Daren was responsible for developing the technology and today helps guide the business into emerging markets like Blockchain IaaS, High-Performance Computing, Cloud Infrastructure and Edge Computing.

Daren holds over 50+ patents between his two companies and continues to redefine his industry. Mr. Klum’s corporate career spanned product development, business development, business management & hardware / software engineering with companies like: Gartner, Digital River, TW Telecom, Sprint Business & Thompson Reuters (West Group).

Daren remarks on JourneyTellr’s “very compelling value proposition” and “can’t wait to make JourneyTellr something every business uses to tell their story.” With Daren’s expansive experience, he has already proven an asset, beginning to advise on creative ideation, prospective investors and networking with prospective customers.

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